Bend Wireless Internet Any Way You Want It

At RedButton we believe in flexibility and have worked hard to make sure that our solution is just that, flexible. We also believe in making life easier and so have automated features that should be automated.

Our commitment to both aspects, flexibility and automation, is where our Bend Wireless Internet Any Way You Want It mantra stems from. Our ability to deliver on what we believe in comes from over a years worth of investment into research and development. This investment continues unabated today with 40% of our company’s resources dedicated to R&D and fostering innovation.

So what’s new? Well, in this post we’ll be giving examples of how RedButton’s flexible hotspot solution gives you the ability to attract and keep customers. We have made it particularly easy to:

  • Run automated promotions – give away any amount of free Internet effortlessly
  • Build your brand – prominent branding on hotspot portal page and vouchers

Since a picture tells a thousand words, lets go straight to the examples. The first is that of an automated promotion with a standard hotspot portal page. The hotspot with the portal page displayed below has been configured to give each user 5 Megabytes worth of Internet free on a daily basis.

With our solution a hotspot can be configured to give away any amount of free Internet on a once-off, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Naturally one can configure the hotspot to give each user unlimited free Internet too. The great thing about giving away only small amount as a promotion is that service levels remain high. With a 5MB promotion for example, a user can have a coffee, check their email and then move on. If they need to use more than their alloted free amount they can purchase prepaid credits using the online credit card or a voucher facility.

The second example is that of a branded hotspot portal page. It differs from the standard RedButton portal page in that it is entirely designed to build the brand of the establishment. The colour scheme, title, logo, end-user charge and set of pictures are all configurable. In addition to the portal page, vouchers can be branded with venue and reseller branding too.

Finally, if you are wondering who the You is in Bend Wireless Internet Any Way You Want It, it’s our customers and affiliates. If you are interested in becoming either, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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