Enterprise grade, high quality hardware

At RedButton we run a network of hundreds of routers with our hardware platform of choice predominantly being the Linksys WRT54GL and also MikroTik Routerboards. In both cases the devices run RedButton firmware resulting in a fully integrated, managed and monitored network. Both devices are used by a plethora of local and international hotspot and wireless Internet service providers (WISPs).

Why do we point this out?

Well, we’ve recently had an amusing report of a competitor claiming that the we do not use enterprise grade, high quality hardware. While this claim in itself is laughable, as most hotspot and WISP companies would point out, it also misses the point in terms of what consumers want, and that is good service. Hardware in itself, regardless of technical merits, will never equate to good service. One company that just about anybody would bow down to when it comes to service is Google – who incidentally use off the shelf hardware, weaved together in ingenious ways.

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2 Responses to “Enterprise grade, high quality hardware”

  1. Great! What’s this go to do with the price of bread?

  2. Wireless Internet Hotspots Simplified Reply 22. Jul, 2008 at 10:40

    What relevance this post has to you depends on who you are. It would be of interest to venue owners, other hotspot operators (whether they use the said hardware or not) and end-users.

    Consumers are increasingly being offered better deals by smaller players, including RedButton, and this is placing pressure on larger players who are not necessarily competitive. The larger players then look for ways in which to justify their high prices – one way is to claim that the smaller players use poor quality hardware. As mentioned in the post this claim in itself misses the point.

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