Prepaid WiFi Rate Announcement

We have some good news for our end-users, we are in the process of standardising our RedButton Prepaid WiFi hotspot rates into three rate classes – promotion, standard and premium.

Regardless of the rate class at any particular hotspot users also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free 12 month carry-over on credit purchased
  • No monthly contract required
  • Only pay for the megabytes needed
  • Convenient prepaid payment by credit card or voucher
  • Convenient wireless Internet
  • Use standard, inexpensive WiFi equipment

RedButton Prepaid WiFi rate classes, as of July 2008 onwards, are:

  1. Promotion rate: 12c/MB bulk to 15c/MB default
  2. Standard rate: 24c/MB bulk to 30c/MB default
  3. Premium rate: 48c/MB bulk to 60c/MB default

The default rates are displayed on the portal pages and users benefit from bulk rates with discounted credit purchases.

Please note that even the premium rate is significantly lower than those offered by our major WiFi competitors, the best prepaid wifi rate you’ll get from from one in particular is 72c/MB and your credit expires after 30 days to

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Please note that there are exceptions to these rates at selected hotspots:

  • legacy locations with existing agreements with stakeholders
  • locations that use the Free WiFi product – highly variable since the venue owner can change the rate at will
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