New Default Prepaid WiFi and Free WiFi Portal Pages

The current default RedButton portal page, a stalwart that put in a good 16 months worth of service, is due for a face lift and so from coming Friday you’ll see the new default RedButton Prepaid WiFi and RedButton Free WiFi portal pages go live at relevant hotspots.

If you have any feedback or suggestions we’d greatly appreciate it, in fact we’ll send each of the first 10 users

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to comment a free R50 voucher as a token of appreciation for your time. Please click on the images to enlarge them before your review, some of the changes are subtle but we’d rather not point them out.

NEW Portal Page @ RedButton Prepaid WiFi Hotspots

OLD Portal Page @ RedButton Prepaid WiFi Hotspots

Portal Page @ RedButton Free WiFi Hotspots

OLD Portal Page @ RedButton Prepaid WiFi Hotspots

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15 Responses to “New Default Prepaid WiFi and Free WiFi Portal Pages”

  1. I like the new portal page — much more visually appealing than the old one!I think it might be helpful if you put a link to ‘account information’ on the portal page, so users don’t have to go to the Red Button site just to check their usage history. Thanks for the great service!

  2. Definitely more appealing. It provides a welcoming effect for the user about the quality of service.

  3. Nice work. It looks much more professional. I think it will make a difference to the randomn Internet user. Perception is important. I am not 100% sure about the image along the bottom though. Might be overdoing it.

  4. The design is a lot more bright, punchy and fun than before. I particularly like the “Wireless Internet” Bar at the top. It really stands out.

  5. Good stuff… hopefully you will expand your reach so you can offer this service in more areas….

  6. I think it look good! Nice work :}

  7. The new page is great- it is bright and attractive, unlike the old. The greatest improvement is that it is much easier for the first time user to navigate than the previous.
    I agree that a link should be provided to one’s account.
    Dennis – Horizons Cottages

  8. I like the new portal page. It has a very cool design and is a lot more user-friendly.

  9. I like the new portal page. The new modern look is so much more professional.

  10. Hi all,

    Just to say thank-you for the feedback. We’ll be working on the mentioned link to one’s account, at the moment the relevant button says Buy Credit.

    Anthony, rebz and danny if you could please contact us to let us know where to email your complimentary voucher.

    Happy surfing!

  11. Can we PLEASE have a “remember me” tickbox.

    Lets get people on the WIFI easier.

    Also, pls can you clarify : if I have credit in my account – and the hotspot provides 10mb free, does the 10mb happen first and THEN my account balance is used ?


  12. Hi Marc,

    Which browser are you using? The username and password do save on the login page using all of the big and most common browsers out there. (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera and Chrome), but this may also depend on the operating system in place.

    If you are at a free WiFi venue, the free allocation will be used up before you prepaid credit in your account.

    Please do not hesitate to email us for further information.

    You can get our contact info here:

  13. very nice!like the new look

  14. I think it’s vey nice to hear,great job well done

  15. I like it. Very nice and faster connecting. Greates new look.

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