RedButton Free WiFi Revolution Continues

After a series of arduous night marches, we file this dispatch from our Cape Town HQ. Over the last few weeks, the advance of our Free WiFi network has continued unabated. Hard work has met its reward and our hearts stir with gratitude over every inch of ground liberated. This is

however just the beginning, our noble cause is yet to reach its highest tide as the fighting spirits of our heroic comrades soar with each new client served.

By now you might be thinking that we’re suffering from delusions of grandeur, its just WiFi we’re talking about right? Well, we’re quite passionate about what we do and in all seriousness we have been working hard on a number of projects over the last few weeks and are overjoyed at the results.

When it comes to our Free WiFi product, launched earlier in the year, we have been delighted to have a number of new restaurants join our network over the last few weeks, some of which have been in business for over a decade, no mean feat in the restaurant business!

One of the chains that have joined our network is the Saul’s Group. Saul’s is an icon in Cape Town, with the tasty, gigantic burgers available at Saul’s Saloon & Grill in Sea Point stirring fond and often very recent memories for many Cape Townians. The Saul’s group has variety in their chain of restaurants that is unbelievable, from Italian at Saul’s Piccolo Mondo, to sushi at Saul’s Sushi @ Vegas. Apart from enjoying the great food, you can also take your laptop along to any restaurant and enjoy 10MB free daily.

Besides new installation projects, we’ve also made significant updates to our system pertaining to Free WiFi as well as other enhancements. When it comes to the Account Manager, you can now view the Free WiFi allowances (or privileges) you have claimed at supporting RedButton hotspots. When you log in, click on ‘Hotspot privileges’ in the Reports section in the left hand panel. We’d greatly appreciate any feedback you have, so please let us know what your thoughts are.

The next dispatch will hopefully follow sooner rather than later, in the mean time, happy surfing!

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