Voucher Checking Feature

We are excited to announce a new feature that enables anyone to check the status of a RedButton Internet voucher.

What is the benefit of this you ask? Well, you are now able to see what usage you will have left on a voucher!

There are two ways in which a voucher can be used:
1) Through your user account – voucher credits can be redeemed/added to your user account
2) Without a user account – You can surf by logging-in to the internet by simply using the voucher number provided

The challenge is that should you use a voucher as per option 2 above then you might not know what the status of a voucher is once you have finished surfing.

Well this is a problem no more!

Simply enter the voucher number in the specified place on your login page and you will know how many credits are left. Remember you can always still redeem this voucher and add any left over credits to your user account.

We do recommend however that you redeem a voucher by adding it to an existing account as this will enable you to check up and track your usage history.

Happy surfing!

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