Consuming The Consumer

Ever wondered where all your bandwidth is disappearing to? Does it leave you frustrated that your Internet credit finishes and you don’t even know why or how fast it is being used up? Managing and monitoring your Internet bandwidth is as important as monitoring your bank or cellphone account. What is important is that you know as much as you can about the technology/system you are using and are able to make the most of it.

The following are methods that can be used to monitor your credit and ensure that you get more bang for your buck when surfing. There are numerous ways in which bandwidth is consumed without you ever noticing. What is important is that you are aware of potential areas in which bandwidth can be consumed.

Here are but a few tips on how to reduce and monitor your bandwidth consumption:

  • Watch your pop up window: Most ISP’s offer ways in which you can monitor your data consumption, this allows you to track your purchased bundle and use it more effectively. At RedButton we provide you with a status page which automatically updates with information on your surfing session every 2 minutes.
  • Be aware of Automatic updates: For both your operating system as well as your web browser updates. By turning this option off you have the ability to decide what is important to update and what’s not. Normally when your device is not connected to any internet your updates gets stored and only runs once its connected. These updates if not connected for a period can end up downloading 300MB – 500MB of updates.
  • Websites with Ambush media: Be aware of those websites that include video ads (flash content) that plays immediately. There are ways to block this from happening and you will find that most web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, have extensions that prevent flash content.
  • Install bandwidth monitoring software: This will measure how much you consume and can quite a useful tool. An example of this is NetLimiter (Windows operating system only).
  • Avoid e-mail images and attachments: Images are rather small in comparison to video but considering the amount of emails passing through daily, this small amount adds up. Some people think nothing of sending large video files showing random events or humour. Avoid this by not downloading these attachments.
  • Log-in to the RedButton Account Manager and view your recent usage history. This will show you what sort of data you are really consuming.


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